6 feet to freedom

It is time. Hope is gone and with it a smile. There’s nothing left of the one you know, and soon beneath the dirt the man will go. I tried, let that be known, for soon even that will be a memory. Noah_arkenswagg

Halcyon – the sin

I used to have a thousand friends, none knew me truly, but eager they were; for when the tears hit the ground, they fussed and they loved. I used to have a thousand friends, I miss them, and now I have enough pieces to love them back. Noah_arkenswagg

Fast forward, please

Time, oh friend of mine, you promised to heal for a nickel or a dime. Your words were sweet, your promise divine… please spare me regret, the lemons and lime. Keep your promise, dear friend of mine, let me smile too, for love was my only crime. Noah_arkenswagg

A new end

I will build walls so high they form a dome, a cave to call home, unwelcome to the unknown. Pain will be my drink, while time helps me think… if ever eyes behold my true self, let them know what a mirage is. Noah_arkenswagg

Cold room

Welcome to the league of villains, welcome to the cold room where icy hearts relax and connect. Some of us were born of sweet words that turned out to be honey coloured poison. I know a guy who had his heart broken at midnight. She never takes off her wedding gown… she says nothing, but we all suspect the same thing. Welcome to the league of villains, we spend nothing on air conditioning. Noah_arkenswagg

Mirror’s truth

Oh! how foolish I was to look in the mirror and still wish for love. Now I have enough evidence for a lifetime. Now I hold enough truth to burn. Now a simple greeting is enough to send me toward the horizon. Oh! how foolish I was to dance with hope. Noah_arkenswagg

The promise of hope

The embers of hope, i held close to my heart. I kept them warm with pain, I kept them alive with shame. The embers of hope, I held close to my heart. Today, i feel their burn, a familiar warmth that tosses and turns. The embers of hope, now sparks that threaten to birth a flame. Noah_arkenswagg


How does a poet rhyme when his heart has forgotten the rhythm? What are stanzas and verse when thoughts drown out reason? When words fall off a silver tongue, there is only art in the taste of pain. Noah_arkenswagg


Afraid of the unknown in ways no one knows.

The scariest part is, even if all the unknowns were known, I would probably still be afraid of the unexpected. Noah_arkenswagg

Not sorry

The back story of this villain is that he fell in love. Apparently that’s all it takes these days to laugh maniacally atop a tower, thunder and lightning as backup vocalists. Dark clouds and stormy winds rustle up a 2 piece suit as a black heart peeks from underneath the armor. Cruel world! If this is what it takes to be regarded the villain, then lock your doors, cover your eyes, quiver in pjs… for my crime was love. Noah_arkenswagg

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